Underrated Must-have Beauty Soaps in the Philippines

Just in the past decade alone, countless local beauty products have come and gone, yet gratefully a lot has remained, even thrived, despite strong competition.

And undeniably, the form favored the most in the booming Philippine cosmetics industry is the face and body bar soaps. Just look at the shelves!

Philippine beauty shelves

There are complementary products like lotions, sunblocks, etc. but the bar soaps seem to be loved the most by Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. And in its confusing crowd, there are the known ones like the papaya and kojic acid super brands. But are these the only must-have’s in the Philippines?

Here are equally natural and possibly surpassingly effective choices you may yet discover:

Orange Peel Soap

Orange Peel Soap

Serious About Whitening? Don’t miss the Diamond Soap! Aside from Glutathione, it also has Claire Blanche (a rich blend of 5 whitening ingredients from sources such as plants), which has a component said to be faster than kojic acid. It is clinically proven to whiten in as little as 1 week.

Carrot Soap

Carrot Soap

Need an acne-fighting, oil regulating, and skin clarifying solution? Shulammite is a name to remember. It helps in fighting 7 skin problems: pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, dark acne marks, oily skin, excessive sweat, mild rashes and irritations, such as prickly heat. It breaks up cells stuck inside the pores, thereby declogging and purging out unseen impurities.

Placenta Soap

Placenta Soap

What about an anti-aging, smoothening, and whitening wonder? Apparently, Shulammite appears to have the best and unique combination. It has Argan Oil and Pearl as well. This bar soap help reduce wrinkles, smoothen the skin, and lighten blemishes like freckles and dark spots. Best of all, it is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth in as little as 2 weeks!

Must-have’s in the Philippines

Don’t miss these must-have’s in the Philippines! They are available in offline and online stores in the Philippines and even abroad – Japan, Thailand, US, Taiwan, etc.

Just visit harmonyandwellness.com.ph and message the Harmony and Wellness Facebook and Instagram pages to find the nearest store nearest you!

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