The business simply started with the personal skincare concerns of our founder, Kathleen, and her journey in providing the best solutions for her problems. From this, grew a business that eventually helped hundreds, and then thousands of Filipinos achieve harmony and wellness daily.

Being a person troubled with skincare problems like acne and blemishes, Kathleen has been in search for the best solutions. Being a person with a pharmaceutical background, she learned to look into fine-quality, nourishing, natural ingredients that could help her. Eventually, with the help of experts in formulating skincare products, what was then just research became formulations and products available in two small family-owned drugstores in downtown Manila, she gradually saw how hundreds were helped by her products. And this led to the birth of the company, Harmony and Wellness.

 Its continuing climb to success, even reaching Filipinos abroad, stems from a genuine desire of its team to provide its customer skin care that is basic yet essential.

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Our products deliver the results that one has come to expect from foreign and expensive alternatives, yet still are simple to use, effective, and practical, with the wisdom and power of nature.
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