The Diamond brand is lauded for its whitening soap, toner, and moisturizing gel. The Shulammite brand is praised for its acne-fighting and anti-aging soap. Our products are powered-by-nature, and dermatologist-proven.


Serious about Whitening? Experience Diamond Today. The Diamond line contains an advanced formula that does more than just whiten but also refines your skin. Achieve fair, smooth, healthy, even-toned skin with the help of the Diamond products.


Say goodbye to acne and hello to blemish-free skin! 


Because age shouldn’t matter. Formulated with Natural Placenta, Argan Oil, and Pearl, the Shulammite Placenta Soap helps reduce wrinkles, smoothens the skin, and lightens blemishes like freckles and dark spots. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth in as little as 2 weeks.

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Our products deliver the results that one has come to expect from foreign and expensive alternatives, yet still are simple to use, effective, and practical, with the wisdom and power of nature.
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