Harmony and Wellness: We Want You to Become Part of Our Growing Family

Join the growing team of Harmony and Wellness and together let’s redefine the beauty industry in the country. Our company is currently looking for talented individuals who can contribute to the growth and success of our business. We believe that fresh and new faces can bring in insights on how we can improve our products.


    Where did you hear about us?

    As we slowly get into the international market, we wish to have innovative ideas on how to take things further. While we remain committed to bringing proven and tested skincare products, an addition to our team members can be crucial to our future endeavors. This is why we’re inviting you to come and become part of our family here in Harmony and Wellness.

    Our Company Culture

    When you join Harmony and Wellness, you’ll gain more than just a job. We work here like a family to make you feel comfortable enough to work. We also provide a conducive working environment so you can bring out your fullest potential. We also know how to have fun and take a break.

    Meet Our Energetic Team

    Our team comes from different backgrounds which allowed us to create the most innovative and advanced skincare product available in the market. Through unmatched support and commitment from our accomplished team, we managed to keep on growing in the industry. Thanks to them we are able to stay strong for more than a decade now in this business. Becoming part of our company, you’ll enjoy the same value and support our current team has received from us.

    Kindly fill out the form below to find out more about our job openings and career opportunities. Be sure you write down the correct information so that we can easily reach out to you. We also encourage you to attach a copy of your CV.

    Be A Distributor

    Our products deliver the results that one has come to expect from foreign and expensive alternatives, yet still are simple to use, effective, and practical, with the wisdom and power of nature.
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