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Harmony & Wellness: Leading the Skincare Industry in the Philippines

Bring out the best glow of your skin with Harmony and Wellness’ formulated skincare products. We use the high quality ingredients that are enriched with nourishing minerals and nutrients to invigorate and brighten up your skin. From whitening lotion, sunblock gel to glutathione soaps, we are offering you the best selection of products to achieve fairer and clearer skin.

Proven & Tested Skincare Formulation

Here at Harmony and Wellness Philippines, we believe that your skin deserves safe and effective formulations. This is why we’ve come up with a range of products that will match with your skincare needs. Whether you have dry, combination or oily skin, we help achieve your beauty goals with our glow-boosting products.

Highly Recognized Beauty Company

Since our establishment in 2008, it has been our mission to come up with products that will give anyone a blemish-free and ageless glow. Throughout those years, Harmony and Wellness managed to climb up to the top of the beauty market and is hailed as the most innovative provider of beauty products. Not only that, we are also able to reach overseas market through our beloved Filipino customers abroad.

New Content & Beneficial Products

As we continue to gain these trust from our customers, we never stop pushing ourselves to create the perfectly blended products that does not only whiten skin, but also fight acne and slow down the signs of aging. Soaps, lotion, and sunblock are gentle and safe to skin; we only use natural ingredients that are known for their skin-benefiting effects to the skin.

Add a healthy and beautiful glow to your skin when you use any of Harmony and Wellness’ skincare products. This everyday essential will leave your skin feeling noticeably brighter and younger. If you want to achieve the perfect balance of nourishment and protection, our beauty product is just the perfect fit for you.

Be a Distributor

Our products deliver the results that one has come to expect from foreign and expensive alternatives, yet still are simple to use, effective, and practical, with the wisdom and power of nature.

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