Harmony and Wellness Shulammite Soap: The Answer to Skin Problems

Discover Shulammite, the beauty of transformation! Enjoy blemish-free and young-looking skin when you include Shulammite to your daily skincare routine. Our Shulammite collection is perfect for both the face and body. From acne-fighting to anti-aging, we have something to address your skin problems. It is non-irritating and gentle for sensitive skin.


Say goodbye to pimples, oily skin, and blemishes! Experience the benefits of natural Carrot Essence with this purifying beauty bar. With the help of the power of nature, it helps in fighting 7 skin problems: pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, dark acne marks, oily skin, excessive sweat, mild rashes and irritations, such as prickly heat. Try our award-winning  Shulammite Carrot Soap which keep your skin fresh and clean all day long.

It Also Received Various Recognitions Over The Past Years And They Are As Follow:

  • Best Anti-Acne Soap (33rd People’s Choice and Seal of Excellence Awards)
  • Outstanding Carrot Soap Brand (35th Best Brand Excellence Awards)


Because age shouldn’t matter. Experience the benefits of natural Placenta, Argan Oil, and Pearl with this rejuvenating beauty bar. It helps reduce wrinkles, smoothen the skin, and lighten blemishes like freckles and dark spots. Enjoy skin that looks and feels smooth, fair, and young with our Shulammite Placenta Soap!

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