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Harmony and Wellness Philippines: Our Corporate Office

Harmony and Wellness is a Philippine-based company specializing in providing scientifically advanced solutions to help you deal with skin care problems. For over a decade now, we managed to reach the top and had been recognized in the beauty industry for creating products that works for all skin types. We are in fact hailed as among the most innovative skincare product providers in the country. This is all thanks to the unrelenting effort and support coming from our team and founder.

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    Your Number One Beauty Brand

    When it comes to specially formulated skincare products, Harmony and Wellness Philippines is the only brand to trust. We’ve had a long list of extremely satisfied customers who can attest to the success of our products.

    Commitment to Beauty & Science

    As we continue on with our commitment to bring beauty to every Filipino out there, we are able to conquer not only the local market but also reached a sizable amount of Filipino clients abroad. Our line of products consists of whitening lotion, sunblock gel, glutathione soap and shulammite carrot soap. All of which have undergone careful testing to ensure they will give the desired result.

    Super-Enriched Skincare Products

    All of our products are imbued with nourishing nutrients and minerals that are essential for stimulating collagen. The collagen has a very important role in keeping our skin healthy and glowing. It also helps avoid skin degradation which can lead to premature aging.

    We would like to hear more about what you think about our products, so feel free to leave your message below.


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    Our products deliver the results that one has come to expect from foreign and expensive alternatives, yet still are simple to use, effective, and practical, with the wisdom and power of nature.
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